In the current growing interest and sensitivity to eco-friendly build and developments and the constant changes in the building regulations and practices, Ucreate is proud to have develop the skills and knowledge for the past 7 years to meet all these new requirements.

With the aim of saving our customers' energies and make their lives more comfortable in the long run, we have been following the latest developments in term of material and technique to make our work eco-friendly:

The foundations of your house or extensions are directly in contact with the ground around and there are few options to lower the thermal conductivity as well as using the ground proprieties.

The material used to build your walls is also important and, again, we sometimes have few tricks to increase the U-Value of your walls.

The windows are one of the biggest cold bridge in your house but a lot of care can be taken to minimise that.

Internally, between different spaces related to different uses, we can maximise the thermal and noise insulation. We can also propose you a range of air recycling systems and passive energies to suit your budget and needs.

Finally your roof can be very well insulated and vented to keep all the warmth in and leave the moisture out.

The most important thing is that we can discuss all that before and during the completion of your project, giving you knowledge and understanding of the way your house “lives”.

We are also proud to have a very good recycling rate with up to 90% of our rubbishes recycled. Using a range of skips, collections by specialists and less packaged items, which we practice for years.

Give us a rind so we can discuss all your options.

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